About Me

Hello my curious investigator. Good job on finding me! By all means read on and I’ll try to give you a little insight into my life.

I’m a product of the early 70’s, so don’t be fooled, I’ve been actively following my dreams and interests for the past 25 years. Early on in my first career I had a passion for dentistry in which I was able to run a sole proprietorship in BC and Alberta before turning to a corporate partnership, and then into a multinational lead management position before retiring and jumping on the opportunity to work here with Royal LePage Kelowna.

I love it, but I see that it is a position of incredible responsibility which bodes an integrity requirement as paramount. Having lived long enough to weather the ups and downs of markets and relationships I have learned that my name is my brand and I want nothing more than to raise it to my best potential and I pride myself on that. That being said, I can make the promise that I will provide the best quality service possible. If there is a question that is beyond my scope I wouldn’t fake it by giving you an uninformed answer. I love investigating and challenges, reason being I’m in it to learn and enjoy the experience. Working with others and finding solutions to questions is an honorable way to live life. It’s just plain why I’m in it. Spending most of my life in and out of the trenches of decisions and business ventures I know that reward has to be earned and it definitely adds to a persons’ character.

I have been training and balancing my life with education and practical applications when providing real estate services to clients. I believe in backing up claims with statistical evidence coupled with real world experiential awareness. I would love it if you gave me a call or emailed me so that we can take that time in time to get to know one another, so that those nerves of desire and fear are mended and become a tool for your growth. If you are willing and open minded enough to decide that I’m your man then let’s get serious and busy working hard towards your new home plans!

Take care and as my father told me, “Tight Lines and Straight Shooting Jason”

Jason Palmer